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Awards & Honours

  •  “Young Scientist Award” from MP Council of Science and Technology on the doctoral work, 1993.
  •  Best Lecture Award given by Indian Water Works Association (IWWA) at Chandigarh, 1998.
  •  Best Lecture Award given by Indian Water Works Association (IWWA), at Hyderabad 2004.
  •  University Gold Medal for standing first in the country in the Management program of IGNOU in 2001.
  •  National B S Award given to young engineers/scientist in the area of water research at National Convention of IWWA at Jaipur, 2006.
  •  Shiksha Rattan Award by India International Friendship Society New Delhi for excellence in Teaching Profession in August 2010.
  •  The KAMAKSHI GOLD MEDAL for Young Geospatial Scientist by Geospatial World Forum 2011 on 18th January at Hyderabad, India.
  •  Invited by Hon. Prime Minister of India as State Guest to witness the Republic Day Parade from the Prime Ministers Box on 26.1.2002 for meritorious achievements.
  •  Invited to Hawai, USA in International Conference on Environmental Engineering to present research paper in March 2003.
  •  Invited to Philadelphia, USA in International Conference on Environmental Engineering to present research paper in March 2008.
  •  Editorial Board Ex-Executive member of Journal of IWWA.
  • Conferred Hon Fellowship from Maharashtra Academy of Sciences, in Nov 2016.
  • Best paper Prize for paper at National Symposium ISRS Dec.2013 Vishakhapatanam
  • Best Paper Award, National Workshop on " RS & GIS For Governance" IE (I). 2013.
  • Editors Panel Selected Paper from “Hydrogeology Journal” from 150 printed articles as Editors Choice Paper based on innovation and design proposed in 2017.
  •  Reviewer of five International Journals (Int. Jour. RS, Int. Jour. EMA, Int. Jour. Hydrology, Canadian Journ. etc.) 


 Chapters in Books

Katpatal, Y.B. (1997), “Overlaying carrying capacity parameters for impact assessment studies through remote sensing”. Engg. Geol. & Env., A.A.Balkema Publishers, USA, ISBN:9054108797, pp. 1293-1298.

Katpatal Y.B., (1998), “On the deformation of Barr Conglomerate, Western flank of Delhi
orogen, Rajasthan”, Paper in „ The Indian Precambrians‟ Special volume in the Honour of Mr.A.B. Roy, Scientific publishers, ISBN: 81-7233-186-X, pp279-293.

Katpatal, Y.B., Jog, S.P., Ayyangar, R.S., Shrivastav, S. (1998), “Computing LESI around
transportational network in Nagpur city”. Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, Vol. 2, ISBN:81-7319-216-2, pp 533-541.

Katpatal, Y. B., Dube, Y. A.,(2004), “Pioli watershed health assessment through Remote Sensing and GIS”. Published by Jain Brothers (New Delhi), Edited By K. S. Raju, A. K. Saraf,M. L. Dash. ISBN:81-86321-98-5, page 153-159.

Tharimena Sai Kiran, Katpatal Y.B. ( 2012) Knowledge Dissemination for Ground Water Recharge in an Urban area using Spatial Decision Support System, " Environment Climate Change and Sustainable Development ", Article no 13, Edited by Dr.Vinita Katiyar & Dr. S K Verma. ISBN No. 978-81-7487-760-4, Radha publications, New Delhi.page no. 157 to 169,FirstEdition 2012.

P. Kundal, S.V. Muley, and Y.B. Katpatal Identification of Water Conservation Sites in Kolar Watershed of Nagpur District, Maharashtra using Geographical Information System (GIS) TechniqueWatershed Management for Sustainable Development ISBN – 978-93-83083-82-4 Editors: R.N. Tiwari and G.P. Pandey Publisher: Excellent Publishers, New Delhi, 2014.

Thiyam Tamphasana Devi, Katpatal Y. B.( 2016),Surface Runoff Depths by SCS Curve Number Method Integrated with satellite image and GIS Techniques. Urban Hydrology, Watershed Management and Socio-Economic Aspects edited by Arup Kumar Sarma, Vijay P. Singh, Suresh A. Kartha, Rajib K. Bhattacharjya, A book by Springer Publications. Price Rs. 8190.